In loving memory of our wonderful volunteers, Rebecca Goggin and Judy Swail, as well as beloved recipient Harry Uretsky.


The Placentia Yorba Meals on Wheels family will miss you.

Meals on Wheels was a great experience for my Dad, both for the kind volunteers involved and the food was actually very good. 
My Dad passed away at 93 years young.  He was fully cognizant until the day he died.  He loved his family first and foremost and was quite desolate by the loss of his wife 8 months ago.  
He worked in the Airline Industry for over 40 years as a master mechanic and learned his trade at a aviation high school with additional on the job training while he served in the Military overseas in World War II. 
His passion, other than for his family (2 children, 4 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren), was for the Dodgers.  He originally followed the Dodgers in Brooklyn, NY and again when they became the Los Angeles Dodgers.
He spoke very highly of the sweetness and kindness he was shown by your volunteers.  Both he and his wife enjoyed the interaction and extra attention they received from each and every one involved.
To summarize, your dedication has inspired me, his daughter to pay it forward as I plan to volunteer for Meals on Wheels when it is my time to retire.
Thank you!!!
Warmest Regards,
Robyn Mee, Daughter of Mr. Uretsky